Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Introducing Bella+Sophia and a big thanks to Verizon Wireless

Hey everyone! 

Hope this post finds you all well and enjoying the crisp fall air! There are always a ton of fashion related events going on in Chicago  during this time of the year and this year I was lucky enough to be a part of one of them! I know I've been MIA, but I promise it's because I've been working my tail loff to get my line up and going. The last few months have been a blur and whirlwind. I've been sourcing, designing and producing away for the Bella+Sophia A/W 2013 collection. I've dubbed it "dream a dream of me" and I'm so excited to share it with all of you. You can check out the lookbook here.

During my process, my sponsorship with Verizon Wireless has been integral. Not only have they helped me in terms of promoting my journey journal and sharing my story, but also in using the products that were a part of our program. My samsung camera helped me to document the last 6 months, to tweet and share my story over social media and help me as I set up my business. It's funny how such a practical and functional item can be so helpful in my day to day dealings as a designer. I'd have to say even if I hadn't had been a part of the program, I would have been searching for something to help me document my journey and the camera would have been a prime choice. 

I've been able to showcase my process and now I am ready for the final reveal. Bella + Sophia is modern line of children's wear dedicated to high quality, innovative and comfort design. The brand is based out of Chicago and focuses on sustainable and local sourcing as well as making a difference in the community. The brand is inspired by her two daughters Bella & Sophia. 

At the heart of the business is a genuine desire to educate, reform & inspire the youth from underserved communities. As a young girl, I grew up in a low income, single mother home in a rough community in the "hood" of Chicago. The violence & heart ache I saw as a child affected the decisions I have made as an adult and now parent to do better and make the world better for my girls.  
Through hard work and persistence I feel we can truly change the world and we must start with the children. With this idea in place, a portion of the sales of each garment goes back to the community through local non-profit organizations catering to the underserved, minority and at risk youth. 

Be sure to check us out online here and a big thanks to Verizon for letting me be a part of the VZW Voice Style bloggers team!

“Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Style Voices program and have been provided with a wireless device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.”

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hi! & A New Issue of Halfstack

Hey readers!

I hope everyone is doing well out there in blogger land! It's been a while and I've been rocking out sewing like a crazy lady to prep my samples for the upcoming fashion event I will be showcasing "Bella+Sophia" at! I wanted to stop in real quick and share the latest issue of Halfstack! It's our annual music issue and we have some amazing content! So, please grab a glass of wine, relax a bit and check out our latest issue here OR flip through it below!


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